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BSK Students to Visit Massachusetts Institute Of Technology (MIT)for Science Fair


The Gelfand Family Charitable Trust has provided funding to The Beverly School of Kenya to establish a state of the art science 

complex on its campus and equip the school with the laboratory equipment needed to expose all of her students, from a very 

early age, onto STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) concepts and processes. In addition, The Beverly School is 

in the process of developing a stellar Science and Engineering Fair that will serve as a model for all of Kenya and East Africa 

based on The Massachusetts model.

We invite Beverly students to participate for the following reasons:

It will be very beneficial for teachers and students to attend our annual state fair to gain first hand experience from the oldest State Fair in The United States in order to enrich their STEM program in Kenya

The Beverly School is a pioneer school for Africa as well as first invitee from MSSEF


The students will present projects that have been developed and guided by procedures and safety standards based on the MSSEF model.

The GEMS program is so very excited to begin a collaboration with The Beverly School of Kenya to create a model science fair program and exchange opportunity for East Africa.

The  MSSEF  has  a  unique  opportunity  to  facilitate  both  an  intellectual  and  a  cultural  exchange  between  students.  Benefits:  

The  Kenyan  students  would  be  able  to  use  the  MSSEF  as  a  model  for  their  own  science  fair  and  learn  more  about  how  to  articulate  their  knowledge  and  interest  in  new  ways.

Future  vision:  

BSK STEM centerThe  vision  is  for  BSK  to  create  a  fund  earmarked  for  this  purpose  so  that  their  students  can  showcase  their  science  projects  and  enhance  their  understanding  of  how  STEM  is  conducted  globally.  

Dates: Ist, 2nd and 3rd of May 2014 

Beverly School of Kenya

Beverly School of Kenya high schoolThe Beverly School of Kenya is the first school in Kenya with an agenda is to establish a center of academic excellence by investing in human development and nurture leaders for the twenty-first century by using sustainable means. We shall help our students develop the tools to anticipate and prepare for change in our dynamic world.

Perched on the cool and serene Rift Valley Escarpment, in Kinangop, the Beverly School of Kenya is redefining the whole concept of education in its pursuit to raise a generation of young men and women who are empowered to not only manage their own lives properly but be able to think critically and solve problems in their daily lives as functionally literate persons in adult life.

At Beverly School of Kenya, the emphasis is on Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Technology at BSK is fully integrated and embedded in the entire curriculum, cutting across all the subjects as opposed to being a standalone component

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A school where students are valued as person’s created in God’s image, are responsible for their learning and can influence it by diligence, prayer for wisdom and the application of God’s word in their lives.


Beverly School of Kenya is a private Co-Educational Prep/Primary School modeled on the 8-4-4 (KCPE/KCSE) and IGCSE curriculum's. Beverly School academic program is pivoted on an enhanced Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) program as well as a rich co-curriculum package that includes debating, journalism, performing arts, scouting, school orchestra and choir and environment club.

Learning Instruction:

We embrace the Smart School Approach emphasizing academic excellence and character building.


• State of the art fully furnished science complex
• Small classroom size for personalized learning and individual attention
• Well equipped classrooms with stand – by generator
• Neat boarding facilities with only four students in a cubicle and warm water
• A modern kitchen
• Ample playground for various sporting activities including basketball, athletics, soccer, physical education among others.

Beverly Partnerships

Beverly school of Kenya has partnered with Fontbonne University for students volunteer and exchange. Fontbonne University is a Catholic coeducational institution of higher education based in St. Louis Missouri.  Please follow this link and refer to the Children and Youth section.  

Vision Mission Motto


To be a renowned center of academic excellence and science education


Committed to preparing students to thrive and lead in an increasingly complex world in order to attain the highest academic and personal standards as they pursue education


Passing on the torch of knowledge

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